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We help you to build memorable marketing that is visual, tactile and create lasting impressions

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Ibsens Fabrikker – spot on!

Visual attraction
A blink of an eye. It doesn’t take longer to astonish, tempt or seduce. We catch your dreams and give them an optimal physical expression. Like plush toys or mascot costumes, colorful figures in glass fibre or inflatable versions of products, universes or campagn and fair equipment.

What are you dreaming?
Which tales or expressions do you need? Sweetness, charm or a great twinkle? Pure beauty or wonderful magic? Or the eye-catcher of them all?

The sparkle
Ibsens Fabrikker started as a tiny, mellow teddybear factory. Today we are the biggest supplier of eye-catchers in the entire North. An ordinary enquiry about a teddybear costume started the whole thing. A sincere thank you for that! The ambitions were ignited on a simple idea – the Bams-O-Gram (a gift from one person to another). And when the infant thought on a full service factory delivering eye-catchers to agencies and businesses took its first steps, we couldn’t keep the flame from burning through.

Bubbling options
Today we have three jolly factories – a soft one, a solid one and one filled with air! Bamsefabrikken, Figurfabrikken and Luftfabrikken.

(The Teddy Factory, the Figure Factory and the Air Factory). We manage the whole process from the creative development to the entire production management and the punctual delivery to our happy clients. We enjoy good business and close relations.

Creative zest

We’re living the good life! We love using our imagination and having fun. Create smiles and happiness for everyone who takes a look at our products. And we help our clients look good and get the great kind of attention. We live to give your ideas life through sensational advertisement.

We spend the night dreaming and the day creating
We work with most of the brands in the top 100 in Scandinavia and the rest of the world. But for us it’s the simple, lasting and great idea and the possibilities emerging from it that ignites our pleasure in working and makes us stand in line to clock in every single morning.

Products with a soul
We live and breathe for maximum visibility. Our currency is astonishment, cheerfulness and playfulness. We make people smile at your brand.

Our Expertise

What we do!

We develop eye-catchers that make your customers interact, sympathize and connect with your product or brand. We do it because we think it’s fun! Do you have a fun idea?

We’re all ears

Who uses us

  • Advertising agencies
  • Sports teams
  • Event promoters
  • Financial institutions
  • Brands
  • Distrubution channels
  • Events
  • Government agencies
  • Festivals and carnivals
  • TV and film companies
  • Fundraisers

Where to use

  • Advertising agencies
  • Mascots and merchandise
  • Eye-catchers for events
  • Childrens concepts
  • Brand marketing
  • Store openings and loyalty concepts
  • Sensational decor and visual attraction
  • Loyalty campaigns

We breathe life into your dreams!

Luftfabrikken creates unforgettable, moving and inflatable visual attraction for our clients and their brands. Our portfolio includes everything from inflatable bags of candy in the size of a beach toy to giant advertisements that draws attention at big events – do you have a fun idea? Let us check if it’s airtight!

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We’re at our best ... when you’re having fun!

You can easily market a product with humor and a twinkle. It has been the mantra of Bamsefabrikken since 2005. We develop funny mascot figures and reproduce them as stuffed toys, puppets and amazing mascot costumes. We do it for sports teams, brands, organizations, events and… you?

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A magical world
of unique figures
and interior

At Figurfabrikken we manufacture amazing figures and oversized replicas of products in e.g. glass fibre, styropor and PVC. We can help you create the unique eye-catcher that makes the people passing by stop and grab an extra look, wondered and excited – and then we know that we’ve hit the bull’s eye. Do you want us to do it for you as well?

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Create/Design Services

We work together with some of the best creatives in the world. From character designers to product designers, we have access to them all.


Full Management of Manufacturing Processes

We manage the processes, the communication and the manufacturing facilities, so that you don’t have to.



Tangible products need a bit of engineering, this is where prototyping comes in. We test it digitally, before we ever begin the struggle with gravity and utility.


Pre-Production Sampling

We pride ourselves on “getting it right”, so before we start production you get the opportunity to make sure we really “got it”.

We might be perfect for each other :)

Let’s get in touch

Here are a few examples from each of our factories


Is it Possible?

Until the opposite has been proven, then YES. We see no boundaries at Ibsens Fabrikker, so close your eyes and visualize your project. We will help you get started, find inspiration and answer all of your financial questions.


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